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Real Success Stories

Jesse used to do the video production for all Monica Main live trainings and events before he hit it big with our online money funnel strategies...now he makes anywhere from $50,000 to $70,000 per month with his online business and website www.SyncMyMusic.com.  About 7 years ago, Jesse began taking notes during one of our Internet Cash Flow Bootcamp Seminars and shortly thereafter launched his money funnel...and never turned back.  If you've been to any Monica Main live event from March 2010 through March 2020, likely you would have personally met Jesse.  He's a pretty amazing guy and makes a killing with his super simple money funnel.

Bev is over 70 years old and has been able to profit over $85,000 per month consistently for the past several years with the money funnels she created thanks to our courses.  She even joked that she was making thousands of dollars while bedridden in the hospital due to her chronic illnesses.

Roger was hitting up against a brick wall trying to sell his books online.  When he became part of one of our mentorship groups, he had a "light bulb" moment and was suddenly able to monetize the sales of his books through a simple money funnel.  Now he profits about $15,000 per month selling his books part-time online.  Right now he's in the process of moving from the "ascension model" to the "high ticket" model to be able to quadruple his profits.

Zee comes from Africa and doesn't know the English language as well as he'd like.  When he joined one of our 100K mentorship groups, he was thrilled essentially "copy" already tested-and-proven successful money funnels for his own online success.  He makes an average of $40,000 to $50,000 per month working only a couple hours per day.

Kathy suddenly became a single parent not long after giving birth to her beautiful baby boy...but she terrified at the prospect of becoming homeless because she had no job and no place to live.  She came across our 100k mentorship program and after finishing the course, she began profiting $20,000 per month with her online affiliate business.  Today, she makes an average of $60,000 per month online as an affiliate and she only works about 3 days per week.

Russell Brunson, Me, and Todd Dickerson

I'll Show You How I Was Able to "Kill It" With ONE SIMPLE FUNNEL That Raked In $10,000,000 in ONE YEAR!

Getting to $10,000,000 with ONE FUNNEL, especially within 12 months, is not easy to pull off.  Yet I did it because I was able to finally "crack the code" on a specific type of online marketing strategy that I'll be showing you in my brand-new 6-Day Money Funnel Affiliate Mentorship Group!  Why try to reinvent the wheel when you can just "piggyback" off what I've discovered?!
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